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Welcome to Spectrum Golf's Gift Pack Section

We offer a wide range of options for the construction of gift packs for large corporate events or just single special occasion gifts for the golf lover. To help you understand the options available please see below and then you can see examples of gift packs here and call us to order or discuss your own specific requirements.

  • Choose Your Balls
    When constructing your gift pack we can provide golf balls from a range of vendors including Callaway, Nike, Srixon & Titleist. Our packs contain diffferent numbers of balls and each ball can be personalised with your artwork. You can view our range of golf balls here and please call to discuss which balls you would prefer in your gift pack.

    Choose Your Markers
    Ball markers are a common component in our gift packs. Of course they can be personalised with your own artwork or even photographs. A variety of different styles of marker are available.

  • Choose Your Pitch Repairers
    Pitch repairers when customised with your artwork look great as part of a gift pack. We ahve a range of repairers and a range of prices to suit different budgets. Remember we offer discounted prices for bulk orders on your gift packs so ask us about options for your repairers.

    Choose Your Golf Tees
    Yes we can even personalise some golf tees to go into your gift pack. Some packs take just a pair of tees and others a not more. We have plain or wooden tees and it is also possible to do different artwork on the tee than on the other pieces to take into account the limited space available..

  • Choose Your Box
    Our presentation boxes are a key part of your gift pack and are available in different colours. The lid can have your logo or organisations artwork foil block printed on the box lid in silver or gold. Once we have created your block it can be used again for any subsequent orders.

    Choose Your Box Lid finish
    We offer an alternate box lid printing option of a raised plastic dome with your image or text. Show of your colourful artwork.

  • Not Just for Companies
    Our gift packs are not just for companies or golf organisations. We can make gift packs for special occasions and your box can have your greeting foil blocked on the lid or a plastic domed plaque. Happy Christmas, Happy Birthday and many other options are available.

    Professional Redrawing Service
    If the quality of your artwork is not what it might be then fear not. Our talented artists can redraw your images to professional standard to ensure that you get the best possible finish on all components of your gift packs.

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