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Corporate Golf

Andy Bishop

Hello my name is Andy Bishop.  I am the Managing Director of Spectrum Golf and I welcome you to Spectrum Golf's Corporate Golf section.

For more than 30 yrs I have worked in the golf merchandising arena with a particular focus on personalised golf products. Golf continues to be an important activity for companies wishing to engage with new and existing customers.

The corporate golf event provides a great way to boost customer retention by building relationships that last, so It is of course crucially important that each part of your event is planned meticulously as your business's reputation is on the line.  

When it comes to deciding what golfing products you require to mark the occasion, it is often a challenge to create the right impression and stay within a realistic budget.  We at Spectrum Golf uses our significant experience on a daily basis to advise and guide companies in this matter.  If you have very little idea on what you want for your event or whether you are regulars at entertaining your clients we can offer unique insight.   As we are the manufacturer we can offer bespoke services to create a corporate golf event product package to be proud off.

If you want to discuss your requirements or ask any questions, I am available to take your call and work with you from idea to implementation. Please call Spectrum on 01527 579 142 or on my personal mobile 07747 610 278.

I look forward to speaking to you.

Andy Bishop.